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Our history

The creators

We are Angélique and Aurlus, the founders of the WAKÜRÜ brand! We wanted to create this brand to promote African craftsmanship, through bags that have meaning and that embody our values.

Aurlus, Nigerian artist, has always had in him this artistic fiber and this desire to promote culture, but more through music since he has been a singer-songwriter since 2000 in the group “Metaphore Crew”, artistic director and master student in Art and Culture.

About Angélique, a young French entrepreneur, with studies  Based on project management in health, his various trips to Africa have brought out his deep aspirations for human and authentic values. After a first part with her micro-enterprise "L'Atelier des Yovettes", it is today through the Wakuru brand that she wishes to show the beauties of Africa.

Cultural diversity and the mix of our two horizons are the basis of this beautiful project. 


The origin of the brand

It all started with a simple observation: Niger is a major producer of leather, and many craftsmen work it in an incredible way, but unfortunately this work is not recognized at its fair value.

So we wanted to mix African leather and fabrics with modern design. Nothing being impossible, we therefore set out to find the craftsman who could do this, and from there was born a beautiful meeting with one of the craftsmen of Niamey.

This is where it all started, with the desire to show the world the marvels that can be made by hand, by passionate craftsmen with ancestral know-how.

The brand

WAKURU  comes from the mixture of:

·   W is  In frica, place of purchase of our raw materials, and of manufacture of our products,

·   KURU , which means leather in Zarma language (dialect present in Niger) and main component of our products.

This name transports and invites you to travel, just like the bags we offer!

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