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Caring for your leather

Your leather deserves the best

Leather lives, it is a natural and living material that evolves, changes color, softens. Leather is subject to external aggressions and like our skin, it needs care and nourishment to avoid cracking, drying out, losing its shine and beauty.

The leather needs regular cleaning to evacuate the pores of dirty particles, which will restore its shine and color and then be nourished with a special leather nourishing cream.

It should be protected against external attacks: protect it from humidity and prolonged exposure to light or too intense heat.

We advise you to waterproof your leather bag before use to protect it from stains and rain, and to repeat the operation regularly to preserve its beauty.

Pay attention to the products you use depending on the type of leather (especially suede leather which does not require cleaning or cream) and always test the product on an invisible part of the bag to check how the leather reacts.

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