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Our engagements

The WAKÜRÜ commitment

This project is above all a human project!

From our suppliers, to the artisans with whom we work to our customers: we want to create privileged links that are fair and authentic. This is why we work in full transparency.

For this project, we want above all to do things correctly and responsibly.

Thus, each stage in the life of our bags, from the purchase of raw materials, to the manufacture of the bags to their marketing, has been thought out and reflected in a responsible approach and mindful of our impact on society and on society. environment.

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Another important point of the Wakürü vision is the enhancement of the know-how of our craftsmen, which involves fair remuneration and respectable working conditions. Quality and know-how come at a cost, and considering them at their fair value creates an ethical and fair relationship.

We work with a small team of craftsmen, from all over West Africa, who have been trained in leatherwork. We know each of our craftsmen, and maintain privileged links with them, in order to support them even beyond the professional framework.

Our raw materials

We have made the choice to work with African leather and fabrics as constitutive elements of our bags. Wishing to offer you quality bags that are durable over time, leather is the raw material of excellence, and its use was therefore obvious.

All our skins are vegetable tanned, according to a traditional method that uses only natural components.

Raw materials are purchased through a short circuit in order to boost the local economy:

  • The hides come from African herds and are considered food waste, which is therefore recycled and processed into premium genuine leather.

  • The African fabrics we use are mostly made in West Africa

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WAKÜRÜ Solidarity 

It seems important to us for our project, which promotes the culture of a population, that the latter can also benefit from the repercussions of the project. Like the hummingbird, it is important to us to be able to help populations in need on our own scale. Thus, for each bag purchased, we will donate part of the price to an association working in Niger.


We have chosen to support the APPUIS association, which built the Saguia boarding school in Niamey in 2015. This boarding school welcomes around fifty children from all walks of life, and allows them to follow their education in Niamey, from primary to primary school. at the university, and covers all related costs (meals, health, etc.).

Many great initiatives have been put in place, such as the creation of a sewing workshop, which allows them to raise funds through the sale of artisan products and to train young people in sewing.


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